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Meet The Kitchen Queen

Well, where do I start? I can't actually believe that Kitchen Queen is nearly 7 years old now - how time flies!

Clients often ask us, "Why did you set up Kitchen Queen", or "How did you learn to cook?". Well, this is the story so far, in a nutshell (albeit a rather sizeable nutshell!)...

Food has always been a passion of mine. From a very young age I can remember standing on a chair in the kitchen with my Mum or Granny, looking through recipes and helping them make cakes, or whatever it was we'd be having for dinner that evening. I was lucky enough to be allowed to just "play" in the kitchen – creating all sorts of concoctions with whatever I could find in the cupboards, or with fruit we had picked whilst out on our bikes that day. I didn't realise it at the time but I was picking up basic cooking tips the whole time, and perhaps even more importantly, confidence in the kitchen - at such a young age, you're almost totally fearless. My love of food just grew from there, and whenever I could, I would be in the kitchen cooking.

When it came to A Levels, my school couldn't offer an A Level in Food, so I decided to study for a GNVQ in Hospitality and Catering Management. From here, my parents persuaded me to go to Uni to pursue a 'proper' career, and to keep my love of cooking as a hobby. So off I went; I studied for my degree and a MA in Information Systems Management of all things (I really am not technie - AT ALL!) - and I kept cooking as a hobby, working at weekends and during holidays in kitchens, and catering for friends of family to earn pocket money.

Following my Masters, I worked in Marketing for 5 years. I used to sit on the tube into London each morning and evening day dreaming as to how I could possibly move away from my 'office job' and into what I'd really love to do - cooking. I was sat in the garden one day with a friend and she asked me if I could teach her a few basics as she was embarassed that she was fairly clueless in the kitchen. I guess it was then that the idea for cooking lessons in your home was born; I figured I could teach others to cook in their own home and STILL maintain my 'day job' - it was pretty risk-free and suited both parties; from a clients' perspective it meant that they could use their own equipment and ingredients, it was more convenient, and they could share what they'd cooked with their own friends or family - or stock up their fridge/freezers.  And so Kitchen Queen was born!

I have to say, I never expected the business to grow like it has - after about 9 months of juggling both Kitchen Queen and my day job, I made the big move and gave up my 'proper job' as I called it, to become a full time Kitchen Queen. That was nearly 7 years ago!

We are growing as a company all of the time, so we're now able to offer cooking lessons in many areas of the UK. Our team of 'Kitchen Queens' all share the same passion for cooking and for good quality food. Most of us are professionally qualified, but more so, we would all describe ourselves as real 'foodies'.

Whether you're looking to book a cooking lesson for yourself, or as a gift; whether you're a complete novice, or a bit of a kitchen whizz, we'd love to hear from you. All of the cooking lessons that we offer are completely tailored to your requirements and ability and we'd love to share not only our recipes and techniques, but our total love of all things food and cooking related with you!

With best wishes,

Hannah & All at Kitchen Queen X

Hannah (AKA Kitchen Queen)