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Dear Hannah
I hope you are well and I just wanted to send you an email to say how fabulous the food was that you cooked on board Rajdhani.  

I have no idea how on earth you prepared all that deliciousness in such a confined space but god was it good.  I also understand that Ipe was not much use as a sous chef and my shopping skills were not up to scratch, which is unusual as this is something I normally excel at!

Our guests were really impressed with the food,especially the 18 month old who kept pointing at Ipe and shouting 'cheat'. It was as if he knew he could not be capable of such cooking!

For me the best dish was the venison but it was all delicious and I'm going to try to recreate the dishes back home in a slightly larger environment, but I know it will still not taste anywhere near as good as yours.  

Now onto the most important part, portion sizing! Guess what there was just the right amount so well done!!

Thank you so much for making our come dine with me event fabulous and surely we must win the competition now?

Fi x


Hi Hannah...

We had a fab time last night, it was fun, informative and tasty!

The time went so quickly... Really looking forward to getting that big boy lamb in the oven!

Hope you got home safely

Many thanks



Hi Hannah

Just wanted to let you know our dinner party on Friday went off very well. Everyone loved the food, there wasn’t much left over, as we’ve managed to eat the lot!!

Thank you for being such a delightful and patient teacher, we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and learnt so much.

Best wishes

Jo x

Neil & Jo

Hi Hannah,

Just a quick note to say a really big thank you
For a great day on Saturday we learnt so much and
Had a fantastic time doing it.

You really made it a great experience by injecting
Your own energy and passion for cooking. We
Really appreciated you going the extra mile for
Us and hope you weren't too late for your next lesson.

We look forward to learning more in the future

All the best

Neil & Jo


Hi Hannah
I sent you a text on Sunday but know your phone is playing up.  Just to say thanks for Saturday, I really enjoyed the lesson and the guests loved the food!  I think you may have some new clients and I'd definitely like to book up again, perhaps once the summer hols are over and the kids are back at school.
Hope you stay busy and speak soon.