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Hi Hannah,

Just to say thanks so much for the cooking lesson on Friday, the food was absolutely delicious - we just finished off the last of the leftovers yesterday and really really enjoyed them.

Hope you weren’t too tired, my mum and I were absolutely shattered!!!!!   

I’m planning to try out the aubergine and cabbage dishes, and also the goats cheese tartlets, this week!

Thanks so much again,

Charlie Charlie - October 2014

Dear Hannah,
Just a quick note to say very many thanks once again for a highly enjoyable afternoon, and what turned into an excellent and memorable meal.  Although I have done some pretty good dinners for my parents in the past, I think they were genuinely impressed - and I certainly couldn't have done it without your guidance (although maybe can now, for the future).
I have attached some photos that I took - unfortunately (and possibly because of the wine) we forgot to photograph the main course!
After you left, we began with the consommé - which was really fresh and clean, and certainly benefited from being served ice-cold.  A couple of drops of Tabasco in it really brought the flavours out.
We then continued with the starter, after I had quickly re-heated everything in the oven - we served the dish as a small dollop of the apple purée, then a slice of black pudding, then the pork belly.  I balanced the crackling to one side, and drizzled around the jus.  It was delicious - the pork was incredibly tender, and the purée nicely contrasted the fat on the top.  The crackling gave a lovely texture contrast, and the whole thing was (I like to think) nicely complemented by my wine choice, a fairly young 2012 Morgon.
The main course was equally as good.  I pan-fried the fish, possibly for less time than you suggested (nearer 3 minutes skin side down, then a few seconds), but it was perfectly cooked and very tender.  It went really well with the sauce, which was only very gently heated.  We then boiled the gnocchi for about a minute, then lightly tossed them in butter before adding (and slightly warming) the tapenade.  These were delicious - not too much tapenade to be overpowering, and light and fluffy gnocchi.  And it was all complemented with a bottle of (again fairly young) 2013 Sancerre, which was delicate enough to not overpower the fish whilst still being robust enough to stand up to the 2 sauces.
Lastly, the fondants were amazing.  They took a fair bit longer than I expected (nearer 14-16 minutes), but that was probably because they came straight out of the fridge.  We tested them every 2 minutes just to make sure.  When they were ready, the tops were nicely crisp but the inside remained perfectly gooey, and the whole thing went very well with the chocolate fudge sauce and cream.  I had chosen a South African desert wine, Adoro, to go with it - which was less sweet then I had expected but actually nicely balanced the sweetness of the chocolate.
So, in summary, an excellent meal.  And I really enjoyed the afternoon, learning several new techniques but also strengthening those I already had.
Lastly, you might be interested in reading my food blog that I have been running for the last year or so - it's a bit basic and probably not very good, but it's a start:
All the best,


Hi Hannah
Just to say a BIG thank you for Saturday.  Holly loved it and the food was delicious
Many thanks for your time

David David - October 2014

Hi Hannah,

I'd like to say thank you so very much for yesterday, you were an absolute dream to work with.
I appreciated how much extra time you spent with me and really enjoyed your company.

I've sent a picture of the welly ( what's left) and it went down a storm, so thank you.

I really hope one day to meet again, maybe for pasta next time.

All the best for next weekend and the future, your husband to be is very lucky.

Good luck



Hi Hannah,
I’m so sorry I haven’t been in touch sooner- it’s been slightly hectic with the grandparents in town! They left yesterday so we’re just getting back to a bit of normality – whatever that may be!
I just wanted to say a big thank you for my fabulous day with you on Tuesday, I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt that I’d learnt some good tips and gained confidence in some unfamiliar territory – ie pork stuffing and sushi rolling! All the dishes were a huge success and my parents were delighted they’d picked that day to arrive! My top 3 would have to be the pork (absolutely delicious), the curry (minus 1 chilli next time though I think – there were certainly no complaints about it being ‘bland’ or ‘plain’ and a fair few spoonfuls of natural yoghurt were added!) and the panna cotta which was soo good and the accompaniments were perfect. We really enjoyed every dish though and I will definitely be doing my best to recreate them all again. Thank you also for staying well past the allotted time – I hope this didn’t mess up the rest of your day.
I will definitely be recommending the Kitchen Queen to lots of friends and when I do get round to hosting more dinner parties you may well get a panicky SOS call!
Lovely to meet you Hannah and I wish you all the best with your upcoming wedding – hope it’s all perfect for you (especially the food!!).
Best wishes