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Hi Hannah,

Just back! Thanks so much for the dinner - it went down fabulously and is definitely still a topic of conversation!

Best wishes,


Julia & Rob

I found Kitchen Queen on the internet looking for cooking lesson. What I liked best about it is that you can do it in your home, where you can be comfortable and only cook with the utensils you have available.

The day was good fun and the dishes were lovely. We will definitely be experimenting more with food now on the basis that Hannah has shown us that nearly everything goes.

We booked the lesson to get some ideas about our day to day cooking and realised that actually cooking is not that hard. We will definitely keep it up!


As a keen cook, I have been looking for individual cooking lessons for some time that focused on the areas that I wanted to develop not what they wanted to teach. The concept offered by Kitchen Queen was ideal, I got to cook exactly what I wanted to cook, get tips in the areas that I have struggled with and all in the comfort of my own kitchen. I would highly recommend Kitchen Queen and would also advise bringing a group of friends over afterwards, in order to enjoy the product of the lesson.


When I came across The Kitchen Queen website, I was so excited by what you could offer that I chose it as one of my 40th birthday presents from my partner, Gary.  As an already quite good cook, it was great to be able to learn restaurant standard cooking and presentation techniques for a menu of my own choice, in the comfort of my own home and to serve my friends a birthday dinner with such a wow factor.  And the brilliant thing was that it wasn't just about cooking one meal for one day - throughout the day, Tamsin showed me or talked me through how I could use the same ingredients for alternative dishes as well as substitute ingredients to create similar effects, plus much, much more.

I won't pretend that it wasn't hard work, with Tamsin and me working flat out for the entire day, but it was absolutely worth every minute.  Thanks to Tamsin's expert advice and tips, everything was perfectly reheated / cooked and ready to serve on time and my girlfriends gave help with plating & serving, etc so all looked brilliant.  We were particularly impressed with our very contemporary looking fruit tower plate with the fruit coulis being designed using cocktail and chopsticks !!! May be not as Tamsin would have done it, but after a few glasses of wine it made us girls laugh a lot and the men probably just thought that's the way it should look ! 

I wasn't a bad cook before, so even though that wasn't the focus of my day I still learned a great deal from that perspective, but my presentation skills have improved 10-fold and I am now armed with expert knowledge on how to prepare as much as possible in advance, but serve it looking as if it's all been cooked from scratch on the spot.

Thank you so much to The Kitchen Queens, who certainly made my 40th memorable !


Dear Hannah,

Thank you so much for everything last night. I hope you weren't home too late.

We all thoroughly enjoyed last night and have come away with some yummy recipies. I'm glad we went for the choc pots, a real winner. The pasta was delicious as was the beef and the potatoes were to die for. Safe to say they will all be made again soon!!

You have a great skill and and I loved the way you just slotted in. I will definitely be spreading the good word about Kitchen Queen!!!

Thanks again for everything!