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Nick, Ash and Luke Nick, Ash and Luke - November 2011

Kitchen Queen not only taught our group step-by-step how to cook some fantastic dishes in only 3 hours but we also had one of the most uniquely entertaining and enjoyable evenings in a long time! From remarking on each other’s whisking techniques to the buoyancy of our brulees, Kitchen Queen strikes the right chord of laughing and learning!

Oliver Oliver  - November 2011

My cooking lesson experience was far better than expected, I really enjoyed the experience and loved eating the food I cooked! We cooked 3 meals all of which I couldn't have dreamed of cooking before the lesson, but they were made so simple that now I feel very confident in cooking them myself. Also this experience has given me the confidence to try other dishes that are similar. All in all I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone that wants to learn to cook, it was great value for money. Also the Kitchen Queen is lots of fun to be around!!



Shelina & Ali

The Kitchen Queen makes cooking easy for those of us who shy away from the kitchen! Her recipes are easy to follow and taste delicious! I'll never fear throwing a dinner party again!

Adam Adam  - November 2011

Thank you so much for such a lovely evening. I enjoyed every minute and if I occasionally looked a bit baffled it was only the slightly surreal sensation of being in my own kitchen for longer than 5 minutes and nowt to do with your excellent explanations! I have been stuffing my face all day long and it's still weird to think I had something to do with the creation of such yummy delights. My suspicious flatmates can't quite believe it either so I'm gonna have to do it again with them watching to prove I didn't cheat.


Hi Hannah, Firstly Thank you for such a great day on Friday - last night we had friends over and the meal was a wonderful success. I will use your recipes in the future and hopefully they will turn out just as nice. Take care and I will speak to you soon.